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Pick a national park ( or wildlife refuge ( that interests you. Make as complete a species list as possible including vertebrates, invertebrates, plants, fungi, and if possible microbes

. (use field guides and online resources to help you with this). Divide the species into the major trophic groups (predator; scavenger; herbivore; omnivore; decomposer; producer). Indicate whether the species are native to the habitat or introduced to the habitat. Try to identify possible keystone species. Construct a web of connectivity amongst the species. What are the possible threats to this habitat (construction; pollution; etc.)? How might the species in your habitat respond to the disturbance(s)? The paper should be no longer than 20 pages (citations may take the paper over the 20 page limit). At least 10 citations, but you will likely need more to successfully complete the project and achieve a good grade. I started part of it, but it can be changed if you need…..