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Compare and contrast the Christian and Muslim views of Jesus Christ

 Compare and contrast the Christian and Muslim views of Jesus Christ.  Use specific examples / short quotes from texts and tradition to support your conclusions. In what ways do Muslims acknowledge Jesus Christ? What are some surprising details about events in Jesus’s life as believed by Muslims? What is the importance of the Christian “Trinity” in distinguishing these two religions?

Use your best sentence structure and grammar. Be specific. The paper must be a minimum of 250 words (your own words, not including quoted texts or titles). The best essays are usually longer. NOTE: Do not pack an entire essay, even a short one, into a single paragraph. Use multiple paragraphs to structure and organize your thinking, with an introduction and a conclusion.

American Misfits – I will study the concept of masculinity and machismo in Junot Diaz’s Drown because I want to explore how the pressure of growing up bounded

by a metaphorical mold of masculinity influenced Yunior and Diaz himself and how this influence might have caused feelings of discomfort and a sensation of not belonging for both the character and author. I want readers to understand the gender roles in play within the Latin American community as well as their own personal communities, see how it is men are influenced by masculine norms, and get a glimpse of how a person might feel or react if they are drowning in masculinity but do not feel they fit into those norms. I will be utilizing sources such as Drown as well as a collection of articles and educated reviews, criticisms, and theoretical interpretations of both Diaz’s collection of short stories as well as the masculine identity within….

Change and Culture

Write about 2 page paper reflecting on what you learned this week. Take into account your readings and the videos you watched below. Reflect on the concepts you learned about and how you may apply them to your professional life in general or as a caseworker. The 2-3 page count does not include your cover page or reference page. You can use the articles you read as your sources for the reference page. You must use APA format. Week 6-Change and Culture

Choose an article relating to consumption behavior. You can choose any aspect of the consumption behavior (Cultural, shifts and changes, modes, industry driven (such as technology), age, etc.)

– analyze and summarize the article in at least 3 pages, double spaced in APA format. Make sure you include how you think this consumption behavior can be changed or impacted. I recommend using the online library or an online magazine such as the Economist. Be sure to include the references to the article(s) in your submission. This case study is worth 200 points.

You will brainstorm five (5) activities that you can see yourself engaging in during your lifetime that might assist you in developing your global learning.

Assignment Information and Required Activities:  With each activity provide a brief discussion (a short paragraph) as to how this activity fits into one (or more) of the elements of the framework we are using: Obtain Knowledge

•Understand the interconnectedness and interdependence of global systems

•Understand the historical, cultural, economic, and political forces that shape society and explain own situation in this context

•Understand various/different cultures and how culture is created

•Understand the relationship of power and language, and how language interacts with culture

•Understand conflict and power relationships.

•Understand how language frames thinking and perspective (“the language you speak creates the box in which you think”)

•Recognize how stereotypes develop and where they come from Assume Attitudes

•A sense of perspective and social responsibility

•Overcome provincial/parochial thinking


Cultural shaping of depression, differences in manifestation of depression between Americans and Chinese

INSTRUCTIONS: NO INTRODUCTION/BACKGROUND INFORMATION NEEDED. NO CONCLUSION NEEDED. (I am writing both the intro and the conclusion after I receive your work). You will use a psychology database to find 3 empirical articles (hopefully experiments, maybe surveys) on the topic (must compare depression manifestation and symptoms in Americans and Chinese, MUST BE EMPIRICAL, MUST HAVE METHODOLOGY AND SIGNIFICANT RESULTS). Then, for each empirical article there should be 1-2 paragraphs on method, 1-2 paragraphs on results, 1-2 paragraphs on methodological content and critique. Good, explicit transitions between articles are a must. Use the past tense when talking about completed work. Cite articles in text appropriately. No sub-headings. Do not quote scientific writing; Paraphrase instead. Please give all references used – no need to make an apa style list; I….

extent does cinema provide an opportunity for non-western nations and peoples an opportunity to export their culture across the globe?

To what extent does cinema provide an opportunity for non-western nations and peoples an opportunity to export their culture across the globe?

Essay Writing Tips – Things to Avoid • We – as in ‘we can see’ o This is a) very informal and b) quite condescending. Yes, I know that’s the sort of thing that Prof Brian Cox says, but he is presenting a TV programme for a broad audience. You are writing an essay that is meant to be a formal and analytical piece of writing. o Don’t be conversational. • ‘Historians argue’; ‘It is argued’; ‘it has been argued’ o Oh really, all historians argue this? It has been argued – great…by whom? Is that view a mainstream one or is it controversial? o Talking….

How does society’s views on gender influence individual identity? What are the psychological effects of this influence?

Write a research paper in which you analyze a theme or issue that occurs in at least one literary text we’ve read during this course. In doing so, you may explore numerous concepts or issues related to this theme. Use at least one of these pieces of literature as the text through which you investigate and discuss this theme/issue. You may choose to compare and/or contrast two works in regards to their treatment of the same or related themes. (Do not use more than 3 primary texts). Ultimately, your goal is to create a set of insights about this theme/issue. You are using the literary texts to help illustrate or build these insights. Therefore your analysis is not merely confined to a discussion of the literary text(s), but….

address the categories of cultural diversity, anthropological methods, cultural connections, and predictions of how anthropology can be useful in a future crisis


Overview: In this part of the final project, you will address the categories of cultural diversity, anthropological methods, cultural connections, and predictions of how anthropology can be useful in a future crisis. Whether you choose to answer the final project interview questions in written or audio format, preparing a written draft will help you formulate and strengthen your answers. This will also give you practice in learning to see the crisis situation that you chose from an anthropological viewpoint and allow your instructor to give any feedback or suggestions to fortify your interview before your final project is due.


Prompt: Create an outline of your speaking notes for Final Project Part B (Interview Transcript or Recording). You must include all references that you use in forming….