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Tony was a 16-year-old juvenile who was picked up for driving under the influence of alcohol and possession of marijuana.

He was evaluated and taken to juvenile detention.

When speaking to the juvenile justice probation officer, Tony stated that drinking and marijuana was not a serious issue and that his parents did it all the time. With this statement, the juvenile probation officer realized that this was not a one-time thing and that it was related to an unhealthy home environment. The decision was made to send Tony to a treatment program.

Assignment Guidelines

Address the following in 2-3 pages: What methods and techniques would be useful in a juvenile rehabilitation program to help Tony? Explain in detail. Do you believe that Tony’s family should be part of this treatment? Why or why not? Would he still be living in his home environment, or would he go into….

Do you agree or disagree that the technique described in your article will bridge the gap between the police and community? Why or why not?

For this discussion, you will need to find one current article or video (from the last three years) about how criminal justice professionals are bridging the gap with their community. You can start your search by exploring the Discover Policing website for an article or video. You may also want to explore the “In the News” section of the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice website to choose a topic interesting to you. Make sure to include an appropriate APA citation at the end of your initial post.

Take a position. Do you agree or disagree that the technique described in your article will bridge the gap between the police and community? Why or why not?

Critically evaluate the idea that people who commit offences are different to those who do not.

1. Introduction – We shall consider the proposition in two distinct aspects. – Firstly, we look into the key psychological theories in explaining individuals’ differences in offending. – Secondly, we examine a few types of offending. The selected specific types of crime are interpersonal violence, sexual offending, serious violence, offenders with mental illness and juvenile offending. – We attempt to look into evidence, research findings as well as some other theories in order to assess the different types of crime.

2. Background and setting (optional) – Brief discussion of nature of crime, crime justice system and offending 3. Key theories explaining offending (a) Moral reasoning theory (b) Social information-processing approach (c) Limitations and shortcoming of the theories (e.g. gender biased, culture biased towards western societies) (Only two key….

Ethics: Central Component to Justice? benefits of punishment to direct actions and deter crime

Ethics: Central Component to Justice? Societies have been using punishment as a way to affect behavior for centuries. The question must be asked of the benefits of punishment to direct actions and deter crime. After reading the required textbook chapters for this week, evaluate public issues that criminal organizations face in ethical decision making. In your paper, •Evaluate the morality of punishment for actions; •Describe the philosophical theories that justify punishment as a requirement to creating and reinforcing moral behavior; •Explain the theories that view punishment as an inappropriate response to poor moral behavior; and •Describe the alternatives to punish ‌‌‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‌‍‍ ment used to correct behavior. Banks, C. (2016). Criminal justice ethics: Theory and practice (4th ed.). Retrieved from The paper •Must be three double-spaced pages in length (not….

Entrance to the crime scene should be limited to only the investigator, detective supervisor and the first officers, whom are there to confirm death and observe scene conditions

Preliminary Investigation Guidelines Preliminary investigation stages the platform for the foundation of criminal investigation with the effectiveness of the process tends to being highly dependent on how each stage in the framework is accomplished. The first responding officer is in most situations best placed in setting into motion the framework for preliminary investigation. The first step is to determine whether an offense has taken place. Once arriving at the scene, do not move around without care. You must decide how to approach the scene with consideration of entry and exit points. Make sure that you have communicated with the first detective or officer before a survey is conducted. As you survey the scene, take mental (and written) notes. If there is fragile evidence, be sure to take care….

The Dynamics of Criminal Justice

The dynamics of courthouse justice All information in your paper is to come from your assessment of peer reviewed writings. These papers are not the place to rant about your personal opinions about the topics. All interpretations, analysis, and arguments must be informed by your research about the topic – research that is gathered from reading other sources. A note on citation: See the following website for information on citing sources: APA Guidelines (Links to an external site.) . Failing to cite any sources from which you draw from is plagiarism and will be dealt with according to University criteria which can be found on the following site: University Standards (Links to an external site.) Paper Format and Mechanics: Your paper is to be no less….

Focus on Violent Crime and Sexual Offences: Year ending March 2015, collected as part of the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW)

The full reference for a report that includes this data can be found below; The main point of this artefact is for you to make sense and simplify aspects of the data from this government report. Some of the tables in the report may look fairly complicated initially – you need to read all the headings and footnotes carefully in order to make sense of them and read the report in full, to help clarify your understanding. You are asked to exercise some choice in terms of what data from the tables you use to create the graphs, referred to as ‘figures’ in part B of the report. Think about what best simplifies the data and illustrates the title theme of each figure. Report Title: Focus on….

The impact of the family structure as it relates to crime

This essay is an academic essay that must contain the following:

1. Strong introduction of the topic with an attention grabber, a strong thesis statement that starts with the following statement ” IN THIS ESSAY” it must be highlighted in red.

2. The body of the paper must contain 3 paragraphs with sub topics related to the main topic and ONLY academic sources as supporting evidence for the paper in relations to the following topic” The impact of the family structure as it relates to crime”

3. The paper must also contain a conclusion hat summarizes the paper and it must make sense. A reference( academic sources only) page and a bibliography page must be produced at the end ( Pay special attention to APA style formatting Times….