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Airport and Airspace Case Study-Referring to your carrier ( Southwest Airlines) selection’s airport hub(s)

, write a 4-6 page, APA formatted case study on airport capacity and congestion. Generally, a case study:

Identifies the problem that is being studied Identify airport demand as it relates to current capacity. Explores the problem, including cause and effect What is generating demand? What is the historical growth trend? What level of growth is the FAA predicting? Discusses possible solutions or resolutions planned/in place How will your airline’s airport hubs accommodate this predicted growth?


100% plagiarism free Chosen Airline should be Southwest Airlines General assignment sample is attached for an idea. Please use the drafts and figures. Need full written 5 pages Do not exceed 10 pages with title page and reference and picures.


Undertake a research activity that produces a written report suitable for submission to an employer. The aviation project could include business-based analysis

Choose any topic related to aviation for the research paper.

word limit :5000 please refer to the Exemplar Projects I have uploaded.

The objectives of the aviation project course are to:

, the collection of primary data (e.g. interview, surveys) and practical industry processes (e.g. development of a safety manual).

Tips for the Project


There needs to be a clear research problem from which aim(s) of the project are generated, which will help with the focus for the rest of the work. The introduction should also outline the sections in the rest of the report. Write the report logically and make it readable. Relate your work directly to the aims / objectives. As a general rule of thumb, make the Chapters roughly the same size, apart from….

Human Factors in Aviation Safety

Requirements: Employ a preponderance of the information to be covered in this course (as appropriate) to analyze, evaluate, and create a solution(s) to an existing aviation human factors and aviation safety issue. You will take a look at the two textbooks attached as a PDF files, and choose a topic related to the subject. APA Style. Original work. No plagiarism. I have to get the topic approved first before giving you the green light to start writing.