Business Change Proposal

You have just been hired as the new director of the Harpeth Garden not-for-profit nursing home. You notice several areas of business change you would like to implement. For example, you want to implement a plan for the staff Harpeth Garden to become more of a learning organization. You realize that you will have to introduce the business change idea and establish its value. In the end, you are the main sponsor of the business change, influencing its successful implementation.

Select the change to a learning organization or another business change area that seems important. Research the Harpeth Garden nursing home case study for details about the Harpeth Garden nursing home organization.

In a 6 paper, including cover and reference page, describe the steps that you will take to effectively sponsor your plan to have the nursing home become a learning organization. You are the leader of this initiative, thus you would orchestrate the change process and ensure organizational buy-in. Important note: This paper regards how you go about sponsoring the plan, rather than the business change itself. Focus on what you would do as a leader.

In your paper, be sure to address the following:

Describe how you plan to implement each of the eight steps to managing change in your change plan. What is your role as leader in each of these steps?

Identify and address the challenges you anticipate, for example specific areas of resistance.

Include how you are going to sell your plan to the Board of Directors of the non-profit and also to the supervisors and employees that work for you.

Assess the leadership qualities that will assist you in effectively sponsoring the plan.

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