Briefly explain with examples what the legal presumption is

Miles owns Sunshine Ltd, which manufactures solar panels. Davis owns Fit Em Ltd, which installs solar panels on domestic and commercial buildings. Miles and Davis have worked closely together for twenty years. Recently, Miles has encountered financial problems as a consequence of a huge increase in the price of raw materials. He asks Davis to install his solar panels and states that he will pay him the money for installing the panels once the price of raw materials drops. Davis agrees and installs the panels; and Miles writes on a paper invoice that ‘all debts I owe you will be paid on condition that I can make a good profit’. Two years later Miles has still not paid Davis the money owed despite Miles’s business becoming profitable. Davis now requests that Miles pay the money owed by the end of the month. Miles refuses to pay on the pretext that the agreement was not binding.

Briefly explain with examples what the legal presumption is, based on Miles and Davis’s commercial agreement. Discuss how this presumption differs from domestic agreements.

Briefly explain with examples the legal significance of breaching the condition outlined in the paper invoice.

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