BRAF inhibitors as anti-cancer agents

Title; BRAF inhibitors as anti-cancer agents.

starting Review:- Recent progress in the identification of BRAF inhibitors as anti-cancer agents. Eur J Med Chem. 2013. 27;72C:170-205. I have got it and the name of the file (Article 1). You will understand why I want this article is the base of my presentation. Biology of Disease – marking scheme for Oral presentation

youu should take in your account these poins which you write the speech bcz more or less the presentation


Clear Intro & aims



Well organised / developed



Clear summary / conclusions





Clearly audible & well paced

Good eye contact


Correct Duration



Completely relevant

Factually accurate

Well explained / understandable

Excellent depth/coverage

Evidence of critical analysis



Very clear & legible

Appropriate & effective

Good balance of text




Plz note that there is only one reference I put the link for it bcz pdf expensive see below may be u have for free

  • Please I want 7 references
  • I got references but I want you to provide ones that I did not get them.
  • Plz some research papers are review article do not take any info from them. I was send them to you to help you on haw the presentation will be relevant.
  • Utilise the original papers and you must use books, research papers and they must be from 2013 to 2015 if you find my references not sufficient.
  • You can find the title and other related info below
  • It must be to read  article 1 and build up the info for my presentation by using it as the base of my presentation. personally I like provide some critiques to it by using resent references I,e this is my plan or strategy to get high marks.
  • You can find details of my plan in ptt file I attached as well.
  • Now I review the article1 they advise to read it first and you must read it and ….. as I mentioned.

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