Blade Runner

ESSAY 2 – Blade Runner

Your assignment is to write a 1,250-1,500 word essay (use Word Count under the “Tools” menu in Word if you are unsure) on Blade Runner addressing the following topic/question:

How do differences between Scott’s film and Dick’s novel affect their themes and how are those differences related to genre conventions, characters and plot elements? Do not discuss the limitations of film as compared to literature in your paper; we are only concerned with the changes Scott has made and their effects on Dick’s work.

Your Audience: Write for us (we have all read the book and seen the film so don’t bore us with plot descriptions about things we already know). Please do not write a plot synopsis or a 20-page research paper. You are not required to do research for this essay. Indeed, I discourage it. However, if you do use secondary sources, please follow the guidelines of the Modern Language Association in citing them.

Avoid summarizing plot details. Your job is to analyze. Have a thesis (on the meanings of book and film and on how those meanings are affected by differences for example or, does one adhere more or less to the essential elements of science fiction and how?) Support your thesis, and draw conclusions.

Tips: 1) Write in the present tense. 2) Do not use actors’ names. Use character names.

Please proofread your writing carefully. Scour your writing for comma splices, dangling modifiers, tangled syntax, etc. Write in complete sentences.

Evaluation: I will evaluate your essay based on 1) Content: The quality of your ideas, the strength of your arguments and the extent to which you use specific examples and details to support your thesis. 2) The quality of your writing including but not limited to organization, grammar and spelling. Write in unified, coherent, well-developed paragraphs; triple check for proper grammar and spelling.

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