Based on this change in temperature, will the copper pipe lengthen or shorten



11. Copper pipe is used to plumb a baseboard-forced hot water heating system. When a 3.0-meter long section of baseboard heating was installed, the ambient temperature of all materials was 20°C. When the heat is running, hot water with a temperature of 85°C flows through the pipe.

a. Based on this change in temperature, will the copper pipe lengthen or shorten?

b. If αL = 17 × 10-6  (°C)-1  for copper, how much will the 3.0-meter section of baseboard heating pipe change in length, in millimeters?

c. Should the holes in the floor for the feed and return pipes be drilled exactly the diameter of the pipe, or slightly oversized? Why?


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Explain why attenuation is not a big problem in PET.

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