aspects of the contemporary international political economy

1. Title

This should be carefully phrased to give a clear indication of the aim of the project and should not be too long. Direct the reader’s attention explicitly to the central problem.

2. Problem or Issue

There is a central issue or group of related issues at the core of any project.

You should say what the problem for investigation is, provide a context for its consideration and a justification of its importance for study. Delineate the crucial aspects of the problem requiring investigation and what areas will need to be considered to provide a better understanding of the chosen problem. Your case for studying an issue and the strategy with which you approach it will be strengthened if you demonstrate that the subject has not been adequately dealt with in the existing literature. You will not be able to review all the relevant literature but you should be able to reflect some major differences of viewpoint or approach by becoming familiar with some of the principal works that have touched on the problem. These should be stated succinctly, not summarised extensively. Remember that there is a significant difference between a field of enquiry e.g. international finance, and a specific problem e.g. the feasibility of control by national states over capital flows.

3. Theoretical Framework

This is where you switch from the problem to consider the means appropriate for understanding and confronting it. Some discussion of the theoretical elements and guiding assumptions of the study is advised. Whatever your approach there will be some hypothesis that will guide your research essay and that will suggest what factors or variables of the problem must be investigated in order that your central question be answered.

4. Structure of Argument

This should be a rough outline of the way in which the research will be reported. This requires a chapter outline presented not just as a list, but as a logically connected series of distinct points. It could finish with mention of the principal points on which you would expect to be able to reach a conclusion (but, of course, not the conclusions themselves).

5. Bibliography

List the principal sources that will be used to guide your research essay, with reference to: the theoretical framework; the substance of research; primary sources (e.g. newspaper articles, policy reports, statistical sources).


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