Are there any concerns you should consider when using and interacting with patient Web sites?

1.Michelle Carlson, a senior nursing student, was given her clinical assignment for the next day. Michelle was working at her part-time job at the cafeteria that evening and didn’t take the time to study her assignment until late that evening. When she reviewed her patient’s condition, she realized she was unfamiliar with many aspects of her patient’s required nursing care. Michelle immediately went to her computer and began a search for answers to her questions in preparation for the next day’s assignment. As a part of her search, she was able to review online nursing journals, print relevant journal articles available in an electronic format through the university’s library, browse a consumer-oriented health care Web site, and consult two nursing specialty organization Web sites that answered questions about the patient’s conditions.

• Did Michelle use the right resource or should she have reviewed her clinical textbooks?

• Are there any problems associated with information gained from the Internet? Is it accurate, up-to-date, and useful for various levels of nursing care?

• Are there any concerns you should consider when using and interacting with patient Web sites?

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