Angles of Ascent

4th. In lieu of class I would like a general response to the introduction in Angles of Ascent. It should be two to three pages and cite at least two portions of the text. This will line me into your reading of the text and our initial assignment. When preparing the assignment simply relax and write in a precise way about your experience with the text. Below are questions to consider.

What does Rowell suggest contemporary African American poets do that is different from those before them?

How does Rowell view the Black Arts Movement (you should at least wiki the movment to prepare your response)?

What is his idea of the interior/exterior approach to poetics?

What do we think of his presentation of each poet’s poetics as an intro to their work, as oppossed to a bio?

If poetics are poetic practice, how does that differ from a sense of what the actual poetry or poem is?
Do not forget to give a title (topic)
You have to use this book:

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