Analyze Sergio’s developmental milestones. Consult the list of expected milestones In this chapter.

Consider Sergio, who was Introduced In the chapter-opening scenario. He is Now 6 months of • and growing well. His mother has altered her work schedule to Stay With him each day she works for a few hours In the evening when her husband Is home. One pair of grandparents live about 30 miles away and visit frequently. The family has medical Insurance but has had to budget carefully to pay household bills since Yolanda is working less and they have expenses connected with Sergio. Care.

Since they have no other children and have limited   experience with children, pepe and Yolanda, Sergio’s parents, have all the needs of new parents. Due to prematurity, Sergio has additional needs for development surveillance and parental education.

Some developmental milestones that the nurse observes about Sergio Include:

Personal ,social smiles, Watches own hand

Fine motor-hands meet at midline, regard and watches small objects, . and has begun to grasp  a rattle

Language–turns to sound, and voices  sequal and makes and  variety of other sounds

Gross motor holds head Steady when in sitting, position hoId head and chest up using arms  when  prone

I. Sergio and his parents haw many challenges and yet posses many strengths. using the theory of resilience, list the Infant and family risks and protective factors.

2. The parents note that Sergio has recently learned the sound of his bottle being prepared and gets visibly excited. What cognitive substage does this represent In Plaget’s cognitive framework    ? Is this the substage you would expect for him?

3. Analyze Sergio’s developmental milestones. Consult the list of expected milestones In this chapter. What skills will Sergio learn next? What specific suggestions do you have for his parents as they seek to encourage  his development!

4. You are the nurse In the clinic where Sergio  receives health care. Briefly outline the physical growth. developmental progression, and family assessments that you expect for him.

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