advantages and disadvantages of SAP

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Week 3 Discussion – Organizing Data in SAP – Provide complete 1.5 pages. By now you have an understanding of how SAP’s ERP software organizes master data and how it relates to transaction data. From your own experience, discuss in what other ways the data can be organized. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of SAP’s method of organizing data, as compared to other ways of organizing data. Please remember that SAP uses a single database for the whole enterprise, and organizes data into three categories: organizational, master, and transaction data.

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SAP (System Applications and Products) software is used to run the day to day business transactions and process of the organization. The software is used in data processing. Largest and most complex businesses in the world bring Data warehouses in their use widely. It is a powerful software package… ‘Order Now’ to access full answer.….

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