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Analyze british

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We need the support of Britain and we need to support Britain! A strong unified British Empire is good for everyone. If we continue to support Britain through taxes and trade, they will continue to protect us here in the Colonies. The reason the French and Indian War was fought was to protect us, why should be not be taxed for the service of our mother country.  The colonies would be weak without the support of Britain, without their support we would have to worry about invasion from other countries. The money we are being tax is going to support the British economy that was depleted during the French and Indian war. Though we are paying taxes, we continue to profit from trade with England. They are….

What have you learned from your PRIMARY sources about how these challenges were addressed by society or how these changes affected society?

Review your research question and then draft four focused questions that will help you find the information you need to answer it. Include one focused question for each of your four sources.

Your research question:

What lessons from women’s struggles for equality in the past can help inform current and future women’s rights issues.


1. What is one specific question that secondary source 1 can help you answer?


2. What is one specific question that secondary source 2 can help you answer?


3. What is one specific question that primary source 1 can help you answer?



4. What is one specific question that primary source 2 can help you answer?



1. Constitutional Rights Foundation. 2004. How Women Won the Right to Vote. https://www.crf-usa.org/bill-of-rights-in-action/bria-20-2-a-how-women-won-the-right-to-vote (1 secondary source)

2. Linda Simon. 2017. The Flappers….

develop a specific policy or structural reform you would advocate to address Nigeria’s internal divisions.


First, do the attached reading and watch the documentary “Fueling Poverty” on Nigeria

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVq10BwzQoI). Then, discuss the following issue:

Despite its vast oil wealth, Nigeria has struggled to achieve economic development.

While Nigeria enjoyed a successful democratic transition in 1999, in recent years, the

country’s economic woes have been complicated by struggles with political violence

rooted in ethnic and religious divisions.

Imagine you have been appointed as a special advisor to President Muhammadu

Buhari. You have been tasked with outlining a political and economic plan to stabilize

Nigerian development. As President Buhari’s advisor, you know that Nigeria is divided

into three regions, each dominated by a single ethnic group: the Hausa-Fulani

(sometimes referred to as the Hausa) in northern Nigeria, the Igbo (sometimes referred

to as….

Review a movie (historical feature or documentary) with attention to the historical evidence presented and its accuracy and effectiveness in presenting information about the past.

Review a movie (historical feature or documentary) with attention to the historical evidence presented and its accuracy and effectiveness in presenting information about the past. Summarize the story that is told. Consider the motivations and affiliations of the producer, director, and screenwriter. Discuss how the topic is related to the events and movements we’ve discussed in class. Was the story told effectively? What does it leave out? Does it exaggerate anything? What did you learn from watching it? Write the review as an essay with full sentences and paragraphs. Do not use bullet points. Your ideas must be expressed in your own words. Write in the third person and refrain from using “I” or “you” whenever possible.

2 pages (500-700 words)

complete this assignment

History Assignment #4: The 1500 Word Research Paper

To complete this assignment there are three steps you should have already completed:

1. Read A Short Guide to Writing History paying close attention to the introduction, the first and last chapters and all the sections that discuss plagiarism. You must know what a thesis is, how to quote, paraphrase, summarize and to document your sources using footnotes.

2. Submitted a thesis topic and thesis statement.

3. Checked to see if your thesis topic and thesis statement were approved and may be used or you have retrieved your assigned thesis topic and thesis statement.

The Research paper: This assignment is a 1500 word research paper based on the text The American Yawp following the instructions in A Short Guide to Writing About History, among other requirement this means you are….

Discuss the relationship between Celia and George.


Response Assignment 20% of course grade

DIRECTIONS: This assignment is a response to Melton A. McLaurin’s Celia, A Slave. To complete this assignment, you must fully answer the below short-answer questions using specific details from the book. YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO USE THE BOOK—ANY USE OF OUTSIDE SOURCES (INCLUDING INTERNET SOURCES) WILL RESULT IN A POINT DEDUCTION OF AT LEAST TEN PERCENTAGE POINTS (AND COULD POSSIBLY RESULT IN A ZERO)! Remember that the purpose of this assignment is to make sure you have read and understood the book, so be as specific as possible and avoid vagueness! You should write a full paragraph (10-15 sentences sentences) for each question. Each question is worth 20 points, for a total of 100 points (25% of….

What were people buying?

Week of March 29 The Economy and Babies Boom

Truman’s administration and most Americans feared the Great Depression returning with the end of World War II. Economists remembered the recession that hit after the troops returned at the end of World War I and many predicted a repeat. It turned out however, the US economy boomed in the aftermath of war. Why?

Wartime rationing led to more saving and less spending. Outside of the basics, consumer goods were few and far between as American industry went all in producing materiel for the war effort (e.g., there were no new cars manufactured in the US from early 1942 until well into 1945). Furthermore, the wartime demand for labor led to more two-income married families than ever before, resulting in even more savings. ….

book review

1. Papers should be at least three pages in length, 12 point, using a standard font like Times or Calibri or something similar. (In order to receive at least a grade of “D”, your paper must be three full pages. However, a poorly written three-page paper would still receive a failing grade. I would expect good papers to be over four pages) There is no maximum number of pages.


2. Papers should be double-spaced and written in Microsoft Word.


3. In making a point, when you gain information from the book put the page number in parentheses after the sentence. For example: (71). If you use outside book reviews you will need to footnote the source using Chicago Manual of Style (Turrabian Style). You will also have to include….

Based on this document, state two reasons for giving women the right to vote.

Progressive Era DBQ Historical Context: During the late 1800s and early 1900s, Progressive reformers worked to improve the

social, political, and economic problems in American society.


Task: Using information from the documents and you knowledge of United States history and government

complete the following tasks:








 Discuss three specific problems or injustices that were present in American life during the 1800s and

early 1900s.

 Explain how reforms proposed during the Progressive Era attempted to address these problems.

 Address all aspects of the task

 Support the theme with relevant facts, examples, and details.

 Use a logical and clear plan of organization.

 Introduce the theme by establishing a framework that is beyond a simple restatement of the….

cite the documents in your discussion posts

 Roughly half of your  Discussion grade (40 points) comes from making an original thread post of at least 300-words. This post should feature your answer to the question(s). It should include at least a thesis statement, and two or three relevant pieces of evidence from the primary source documents to support to support your argument.


You should also cite the documents in your discussion posts (simple in-text citations are fine). I recommend using quotes from the documents as evidecen to help support your point/argument.

For this discussion you need to read: “A Traveler Describes Life Along the Erie Canal, 1829” and  “James Madison Asks Congress to Support Internal Improvements, 1815” in the  American Yawp Reader. Then in your main post you should analyze the two primary source documents by connecting the description of life….