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Research and present the pathophysiology of the chosen disorder in a clear, well referenced manner.

 Diabetes Insipidus

You may use the textbook as one reference as well as the learning materials posted within the course. However, additional references should be scholarly based and be a new source that you are introducing to your peers.

Research and present the pathophysiology of the chosen disorder in a clear, well referenced manner.

Your initial post should also include the following:

The most common presenting symptoms The manner in which your disorder is routinely diagnosed A standard treatment plan Link(s) to routine screening and treatment guidelines If national screening and treatment guidelines do not exist for your disorder, choose a set of guidelines related to disorders that have been discussed in previous weeks. This is a great way for everyone to build a library of guidelines to….

Provide a concise paragraph that discusses the quantitative approach that will be used to address the research question(s) and how this approach aligns with the problem statement and purpose.

Advance Application of Practice-Based Research in Health

Week 6

Theories and Conceptual Frameworks

Now that you have developed your Doctoral Study Prospectus, the next step is to begin expanding it into the Prospectus, which, in turn, will serve as the plan for developing the Proposal. The theoretical base or conceptual framework, which is the focus of this week, is an important section of the Prospectus, grounding the study by informing research questions and helping to identify research design decisions.

This week, you will determine the theoretical and/or conceptual framework that you intend to use in your study. You will also resubmit your updated Doctoral Study Prospectus document.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

· Evaluate theoretical and conceptual frameworks related to Doctoral Study topics

· Evaluate Doctoral Study Prospectus for….

Discuss the HR problem faced by Al Samail Trading & Contracting?

Al Samail Trading & Contracting is in the business of selling ceramic tiles and bathroom fittings in the Al Batinah area. It has been facing high attrition in its sales department as the civil construction sector is doing very well and there is a demand for experienced sales staff with proven track record in the local market. Recently company lost its Asst Manager to a competitor and was forced to make an attractive offer to Mohammed Al Amri who has been a top performer at Al Nasr Ceramic Tiles. How-ever, the compensation offered to Mohammed is 20% higher (otherwise, Mohammed would not take the offer) than Imad Al Balushi- Manager Sales who looks after Dhofar region. Imad has been with the company for last 7 years and has….

Review the Siemens AG case study. 

Review the Siemens AG case study.  Note the importance of understanding the interrelationships amongst all the senior leaders at every location.  Pay special attention to Figure 8.1 and Figure 8.2. Note how the corporate CIO should engage with each of the regional leaders.  Why is this important? (Information Technology and Organizational Learning)

Which two ways of knowing have had the most influence on your understanding of nursing science?

Minimum of 500 words with at least three reference in 7th edition apa style


Nurses have sought to understand the art and science of nursing since the time of Florence Nightingale. Six fundamental ways of knowing underpin nursing science. These ways of knowing include: (a) personal, (b) empirical, (c) ethical, (d) aesthetics, (e) emancipatory, and (f) unknowing. Consider how these ways of knowing contribute to knowledge development by addressing the following.

Which two ways of knowing have had the most influence on your understanding of nursing science? Which two ways of knowing have you not considered previously and how will these ways of knowing shape your future nursing practice? Provide an example of how nursing science encompassed the six ways of knowing to bridge a gap to….

Where would you start to determine what is wrong?  What would you do to quickly, but effectively, correct the problem? 

You have just been hired as a Human Resource Manager in a small, but rapidly growing organization with 160 employees.  During the interview and selection process, the CEO stated that the reason an HRM Manager was needed was because there was an increase in customer complaints concerning errors in shipments of orders.  Errors included incorrect products and quantities, as well as increases in defective products.  The errors seemed to be random; in other words, customers did not know if and when they would receive a correct and complete order or one with missing and/or incorrect or defective products.

You have one non-exempt HR clerical-type employee in the department.

Obviously, this is an important problem for a growing start-up organization.  Where would you start to determine what is wrong? ….

Develop an algorithm to search and remove data from a hash table using the open addressing technique.



Develop an algorithm to search and remove data from a hash table using the open addressing technique.


Implement a hash table using open addressing with linear probing.


To solve this activity, you have to implement the following methods in the OpenAddrHashTable.java file:

public void put(K key, V value) {         //…     }       private int searchPosition(K key) {         //…     }       public void remove(K key) {         //…     }       public Optional<V> get(K key) {         //…     }

Steps for Completion

1. Study the pseudocode shown in Snippet 3.3 and Snippet 3.4 (shown below) and implement them in Java.

2. The container class OpenAddrPair will hold your key and value in the hash table.

3. Have a flag on this container to indicate when an item is deleted.

4. Use this flag in the put operation to overwrite it if it is deleted. You can use this flag to optimize your get method using….

complete and report on 8 Unique Acts of Kindness.

During this semester, you are to complete and report on 8 Unique Acts of Kindness. These Acts are not merely using good manners and basic civility. Acts need to be: 1) planned before the event, 2) requiring effort, 3) undertaken without any need/expectation for reciprocation.

On the first line, tell me what you did (briefly). Below that, describe what impact it had on either you or the target of your kindness. Be honest and gain something. I’m not looking for little things like holding the doors for “old ladies.” Think impact!

Use 12-point Times New Roman Font, 1.5-line spacing format in the Reaction section. Use all the space provided. Submit your work as a PDF.

Thats the question, its a very easy assignment for a bs online management class. I dont….

Research design and methodology.

Research design and methodology.  An analysis of the approaches to developing, understanding, and interpreting psychological phenomena.  Topics include experimental vs. non-experimental research such as survey, observation, case study, and archival data.  An understanding of reliability, validity, and experimental control issues.

PSY2061 Research Methods Lab 

An understanding of the methodological principles associated with behavioral science research through an application of the theoretical, conceptual, and practical principles.

discuss the fall of the western empire in the  400s AD.

Discussion-Fall of the Western Roman Empire

Based  on the outlines please discuss the fall of the western empire in the  400s AD. Of course you should look back to the 3rd century crisis as  well, as it takes 100s of years for this “fall” to happen. You may also  want to tie in parts of ch. 7 with the Byzantine Empire here too.

Ch. 6 pt I and II Transformation of Rome.docx

Please tells us the 3-5 main reasons of how and why Rome fell, explain each reasons.

There are 100s of reasons so pick the 3-5 you like best or that you think had the most impact.

Respond to 1-2 students and or ask me a direct question on this topic.