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BMW Marketing Excellence


Bayern Motoren Werke AG (BMW) is a German motorcycle, automobile, and engine-manufacturing organization that came into operation back in the year 1916 (Papasolomou & Kitchen, 2011). BMW has been globally known for the way that it uses segmentation to produce and market its products. This paper will focus on the assessment of BMW’s marketing and segmentation and make the necessary recommendations on what can be done to improve.

Question One: How BMW Segments its Consumers

It has been documented that BMW experienced explosive growth when it managed to target a particular market segment successfully (Müller-Ötvös, Robertson & Segler, 2005). BMW segments its consumers majorly based on their demographic, psychographic, as well as behavioral factors. From the case, BMW started targeting consumers who wanted their car to depict….

The Ultimate Driving Machine – How does BMW segment its consumers? why does this work for BMW?

What does BMW do well to market to each segment group? Where could it improve its marketing strategy?

3. Should BMW ever change its tagline, “The Ultimate Driving Machine”? Why or Why not? can someone please help me with this?

Question: 1. How does BMW segment its consumers? why does this work for BMW? Case Study #1 – BMW ,page 272.The assignment needs to be at least three pages in length.

Be sure to follow the APA formatting for this assignment. What are the critical issues or problems? What are the alternatives? What recommendations can be made? How can you justify your strategy?