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Understanding Brazilian inequality on the socio-economic front

The project will be evaluated based on originality, organization, creativity, analytical contribution and careful documentation of sources.

The type of “analysis” you can use in your project may be e.g. statistical analysis; financial analysis, economic analysis, or any other kind of business analysis.

Data, charts, graphs, and other numerical information are very critical and must be used adequately for this paper.

Sources could be academic and non-academic but must be verifiable sources. Fluff and word fillers are not acceptable for this paper.

Advise whether Chris has a legal claim against Cars’Are’US, for breach of a guarantee under s 56 Australian Consumer Law (ACL), also taking into account the extract from Metal Roofing and Cladding Pty Ltd v Amcor Trading Pty Ltd [1999] QCA 472

Case/Scenario In November this year, a large car dealer, Cars’Are’US advertised a new car model of a sedan for sale: VTX Golden Sedan – leather seats, automatic and contains Bluetooth connection of devices. Fully compatible with Apple IOS and Android. Only $20,000.

Chris saw the advertisement, visited Cars’Are’US, and purchased VTX Golden Sedan for the advertised price. Later, Chris was dismayed to discover that her new car would not connect to her mobile phone, which used the latest Android operating system. Her VTX Golden Sedan would work properly with her friends’ Apple IOS phones, Microsoft phones and also with phones using older Android operating systems than Chris’s.

Advise whether Chris has a legal claim against Cars’Are’US, for breach of a guarantee under s 56 Australian Consumer Law (ACL),….

Critical Reflection on Parliament Program & the Australian Legal System

The unit learning outcomes assessed are: Analyse the components of the Australian legal systems, and elaborate how these components intersect and interact and how lawyers use these systems (LO1) Communicate using appropriate professional legal language and express ideas and perspectives (LO2) Situate and analyse Australian legal systems within the broader contemporary social and political contexts (LO3)


This assignment is based on your in class experience in Module 3 (Mock Parliamentary Committee Meeting) As you are aware, the parliament is the legislative arm of the government. Laws are made here. This assessment is a critical reflection on this activity, your learning and contextualising of the Australian legal system.

You are required to:

Attend Module 3 and participate in the Mock Parliamentary Committee


Reflect on the class activity….

Critically analyse the utility and potential negative consequences of socialisation and behaviour modification techniques. How ethical is it for the transformational manager to utilise these techniques?

Completing the assignment The following pointers will help you develop and complete your assignment: A high-level of critical analysis i.e. a greater depth of understanding of the subject, is required for MBA than at undergraduate level. It is expected that you will draw on the wider academic literature and apply this via examples to your own organisation. The question asks you to differentiate between socialisation and behaviour modification therefore, for example, you might examine: – at what stage(s) when employing staff you would utilise these techniques – who you would apply them to – what the key differences between these two techniques are – what the aims/goals of using them are – how, in detail, you would apply them – how you would provide evidence for success –….

Select and critically analyze two scholarly articles on the same or similar topic related to clinical work with military affiliated families. 

For example, two articles on the issues related to impact on family of deployment, transition, reintegration/readjustment, spouse employment, caregiving, military child education, etc…. Write a four (4) to six (6) page paper (not including the title or reference pages) of your analysis. The articles should be from scholarly sources such as peer-reviewed journals, not articles from newspapers or popular magazines or media outlets. The paper should be double-spaced with 12-point Times New Roman font.

Content Requirements


Select two scholarly articles. The articles should be on the same or a very similar topic and from peer reviewed academic journals. (5 pts)


Summarize the key concepts: Explain the 2-3 key points the author(s) share about working with military affiliated families. (10 pts)


Integrate the analysis by….

Identify an industry you would like to learn more about. Ideally, you should be able to gather sufficient information on this industry to thoroughly analyze the impact of the general environment on industry profitability.

Although information is available for a wide variety of industries, this exercise will be easier if you choose an industry that has been written about consistently in the business press. In order to manage the volume of data required for a thorough analysis, your instructor might want you to focus solely on the home country of the largest firms in the industry (unless most firms earn a majority of their profits from abroad). Use data from a variety of sources, including those listed in the appendix, in your analysis. Try to identify the major effects of each of the eight factors (complementary products; technological change; general economic conditions; demographic forces; ecological/natural environment forces; global forces; political, legal, and regulatory forces; and social/cultural forces) on industry profitability. Identify and….

Compare the data quality issues involved in observational science with those of experimental science and data mining.

Discuss exercise 9 in chapter 2: “Many sciences rely on observation instead of (or in addition to) designed experiments. Compare the data quality issues involved in observational science with those of experimental science and data mining.

Text book link:https://s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/blackboard.learn.xythos.prod/5a31b16bb2c48/3932693?response-content-disposition=inline%3B%20filename%2A%3DUTF-8%27%27introduction-to-data-mining-pang-ning.pdf&response-content-type=application%2Fpdf&X-Amz-Algorithm=AWS4-HMAC-SHA256&X-Amz-Date=20200123T050844Z&X-Amz-SignedHeaders=host&X-Amz-Expires=21600&X-Amz-Credential=AKIAIL7WQYDOOHAZJGWQ%2F20200123%2Fus-east-1%2Fs3%2Faws4_request&X-Amz-Signature=78c1c0f955368b742a6ebbe69a69114119c1a095ef269044f70bdcb804a97cdb

Should Pass the plagarism and include the citation and reference

Summarize and discuss this paper “Larentis, Organizational culture and relationship marketing: an interorganizational perspective

Summarize and discuss this paper “Larentis, F., Simone Antonello, C., & Slongo, L. A. (2018). Organizational culture and relationship marketing: an interorganizational perspective. Revista Brasileira de Gestão de Negócios, 20(1), 37–56.”. Link https://www.researchgate.net/publication/321784261



Instructions and format:

· SUMMARY: Summarize the article in your own words. This should be in the 200 word or more.

· DISCUSSION: Using 300-350 words, write a discussion, in your own words the way the article relates to the selected Key Term “interorganizational relationships”. A discussion is not rehashing what was already stated in the article, but the opportunity for you to add value by sharing your experiences, thoughts and opinions. This is the most important part of the assignment.

· REFERENCES: All references must be listed at the bottom of the submission–in APA….

Prepare a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation describing at least five of the motivational theories discussed in the textbook.

Two Part Assignment:

Part 1:

Prepare a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation describing at least five of the motivational theories discussed in the textbook.

Explain how job redesigns, alternative work arrangements, and other motivational initiatives would be manifested by application of theories.

Describe the main causes and outcomes of job satisfaction related to motivational theories.

List major points in the slides using “bullet points,” keeping text to a minimum. Include detailed explanations in the speaker notes section of each slide.

Include videos, audio, photos, diagrams, or graphs as appropriate.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.

Please include the URL’s in which the references are retrieved from.

Part 2:


Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper on decision making. In your paper, include the following:

Explain the rational decision-making model Discuss dealing….

The impact of disease on family members

Click here to read the following article from the South University Online Library on the impact of disease on family members:

Golics, C. J., Basra, M. K. A., Finlay, A. Y., & Salek, S. (2013). The impact of disease on family members: A critical aspect of medical care. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 106(10), 399–407.

After reviewing the article, which factor do you feel has the most impact on family members? Please support your response with examples from readings. What are some of the reasons it is important to include the support persons in the plan of care?

Citations should conform to APA guidelines.