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As you have learned, the New Deal had a great impact on our nation before World War II and continues to exist in modified forms.

You’ve also discovered that there were three main themes that can be applied to the New Deal:  Relief  Recovery  Reform In this essay, you will demonstrate your knowledge of the New Deal and its three basic concepts, or themes, that governed its approach to rescuing the nation from the Great Depression. You will want to clearly define each of the 3 Rs and select ONE agency/program as an example for each of these themes. Each of those components should take 2 to 3 paragraphs along with a introductory paragraph and a conclusion. As you address each theme, assess the effectiveness/success of the program you select as your example for each theme. Remember to restate this information in a more concise format in your conclusion. Treat….

Affordable housing in britain

1.1 Analyse a range of issues in relation to Affordable housing. 2.1 Discuss the main points of legislation on a current issue in Affordable housing 3.1 Discuss the economic context of a current issue in Affordable housing Resources .Alcock, P. (2003) Social Policy in Britain (2nd Edition). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmilan Baldock, J. Manning, N. Miller, S. & Vickerstaff, S. (1999) Social Policy. Oxford: Oxford University Press Blakemore, K. (2001) Social Policy: An Introduction. Buckingham: Open University Press Fitzpatrick, T. (2001) Welfare Theory: An Introduction. Basingstoke: Palgrave Hill, M. (2000) Understanding Social Policy (6th Edition). Oxford: Blakewell

Queen of shadow

Written by Sarah J. Maas Age Range: 14 and up Hardback Book: 648 pages Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s ISBN: 9781619636040 What to expect: Epic fantasy, adventure, magic, the Fae Fans of Sarah J. Maas’ epic THRONE OF GLASS series will fall in love with this gripping adventure. Celaena has returned to Adarlan, the home of the wicked King. But Celaena is not who she was when she left: her true identity is Aelin, Queen of Terrasen, and she’s back to start reclaiming her throne. But before she can win back her Kingdom, she must first rescue her cousin who is being held prisoner by the King. His execution is planned, and Aelin has a band of rebels to help her –including her former love, Chaol. But she and Chaol….

effects of maternal deprivation: Can effect of maternal deprivation be overcome?

• Examine the two given case studies on google (case study 1: Genie and case study 2: Koluchova twins) • Assess whether the effects of maternal deprivation can be overcome using the work of Developmental Psychologists. As ever please ensure that you have followed the conventions for academic writing and have referenced in the text and provided a full reference page at the end of the document.

Essay criteria

1.1 Discuss research into an aspect of an early relationship, for example attachment, language.

1.2 With reference to research, discuss possible effects of early relationships on later behaviour.

2.1 Evaluate explanations of the development of individual differences, for example, the development of intelligence, personality or language.

2.2 Evaluate evidence in support of both sides of the nature/nurture debate relating….

David Cameron and New Conservatism

Topics that could be covered: – Is David Cameron heir to Tony Blair’s Third Way? – The coalition government – The legacy of New Labour – The idea of the Big Society – David Cameroon and the New Conservatism – David Cameron: Heir to Tony Blair – Conservatism and societies – Conservatism and markets – The new ideology of the Tory Party under Cameron – The question of the European Union and the referendum and its consequences – The idea of ecology under Cameron as PM. – The idea of communitarianism under Cameron as PM

Business Ethics Some Corporation can undoubtedly bring benefit to Society. Society, however, is questioning the existence of corporations

Business Ethics Some Corporation can undoubtedly bring benefit to Society. Society, however, is questioning the existence of corporations, especially in the wake of the scandals and scams conducted by companies like ENRON, GUINESS, Coca Cola, Intel, General Motors, WorldCom and many others. In response to it, the organizations around the globe are forced to wake up to the need for being committed towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). So is this what it is? Is it just a mean satisfying an end? Based on the material presented in the first three topics, answer the following question: How can Corporate Social Responsibility be meaningful if it is not based on formal binding legislation enforcement? You may start your analysis with a discussion about the importance of business ethics, its philosophies….

Human Factors in Aviation Safety

Requirements: Employ a preponderance of the information to be covered in this course (as appropriate) to analyze, evaluate, and create a solution(s) to an existing aviation human factors and aviation safety issue. You will take a look at the two textbooks attached as a PDF files, and choose a topic related to the subject. APA Style. Original work. No plagiarism. I have to get the topic approved first before giving you the green light to start writing.

affordable Care Act

What impact does the cost of health care have on American society and what should be done to address the problem of high health care cost in the United States? I will provide 5 scholarly resources that MUST be used and a thesis statement. The research paper will be assessed on the following: •Structure •Development •Style •Grammar •APA formatting •Resources

Innovation and Competitive Edge

Resource: Page 69 of Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Ch. 4 Competitive advantage according to Hisrich and Kearney (2014) requires organizations to engage in six processes to maintain innovation. Organizations like Google™, Amazon, Apple®, Android, Facebook®, Siri®, Virgin Group®, Microsoft®, and eBay® have done this successfully. Select an organization other than those listed above (Google™, Amazon, Apple®, Android, Facebook®, Siri®, Virgin Group®, Microsoft®, and eBay®) to explore competitive advantage and the six processes to maintain innovation discussed in Hisrich and Kearney (2014).(provided below) Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you analyze how the selected organization is meeting the concepts of Competitive Advantages as outlined in Hisrich and Kearney (2014), on page 69. Be sure to include information about the following: • The organizational leadership philosophy on innovation…..