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Read David Rowe’s article ‘Sport and the Repudiation of the Global’, and draw on your understanding of globalisation to critically discuss whether or not you agree with his argument.

The question require a response of 600 words and, as always, recourse to academic literature. The question may stipulate the specific piece of literature to which you are to comment, or you may be required to source relevant literature yourself to form your response. You are welcome to write this response in the first person if you feel this to be an appropriate and effective means of addressing the task.




Please look at the example file that includes 10 examples of the task structure for a different topic.

Reasons Behind A Long Lasting Marriages

Step 2: Literature Search Once you select a topic or question, you will conduct a search and review the published scholarly literature for your selected topic. Your sources of information should mainly consist of peerreviewed journals articles. A peer-reviewed journal article is written by experts and reviewed by several other experts on the topic to ensure the article’s quality before being published. In other words, a peer-reviewed article is more likely to be scientifically valid and make reasonable conclusions when compared to something published in newspaper, magazine, or journal that is not peer-reviewed. In most cases, the expert reviewers do not even know who the author of the article is. This ensures that the article succeeds or fails on its….

diabetes ketoacidosis: To evaluate a patient from a pathophysiologic, environmental, and nursing perspective.

Clinical Paper Purpose:

1. …

2. To critically analyze the contributing factors of multiple disease processes for a patient.

3. To compose a professional nursing paper.


1. At the end of this directive is your patient’s case scenario, follow the template provided to present this patient’s past medical history and reason for hospitalization, complex needs etc. (see below)

Criteria: 1. No more than 7 to 9 pages (excluding Title, Abstract, and Reference pages).

2. Paper must be done according to APA format. No other format will be accepted.

3. At least five nursing references must be used for this paper.

4. References should be nursing journal articles less than five (5) years old, and One Textbook (ONLY) is allowed for one reference.

Clinical Paper Header(s) Template: Clinical….