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Pick a film! Your movie should be (or at least claim to be) based on historical events and set during the period up to the end of the middle ages

. . Write about it. You should write 500 to 800 words, including the following information: ◦ The title, director and date of the film. ◦ The historical event it is based on. ◦ What is the story of the film? How does it vary from the history it’s based on? ◦ Why do you think the writer or director made these changes? ◦ Are there any ways in which the film accurately portrays history? ◦ What do you think the film says about how modern people see this historical period? the summary of the film is the least important part of the assignment. We can look that stuff up for ourselves. Include it, but keep it brief. Your analysis and discussion should be the most significant part….

Workforce planning and recruitment

/ /Portfolio Exercise 1/ What is Your Research Question? (750 words) Having now been introduced to the dissertation, the aim of this portfolio exercise is to get you to think about your research question.

• What is your research question? Write this out as a short sentence in the form of a question.

• Write a synopsis of the central research problem you intend to address in your dissertation.


a) why this problem was chosen;

b) why it is a problem suitable for research at Master’s level; and

c) what are the academic issues which underpin your research question? This portfolio exercise is part of your Module 4 assignment. Portfolio Exercise 2 Thinking Ahead (400 words)

• Thinking about the time you have to complete the dissertation,….

Need a series of blog articles of between 500 and 800 words written on eCommerce topics to do with Telecom’s

. I have so far had articles published in:

1. https://www.procurious.com/blog/career-management/free-help-buying-decisions-costs

2. http://procurementandsupply.com/2017/01/poker-telcos-and-procurement/ And have others published at my company’s blog https://kansoly.com/home/blog/ My sources for articles are: http://www.esourcingwiki.com/index.php/E-Auctions_in_Sourcing The Economist has some great auction articles (just not on telecoms) And competitor sites like https://www.calero.com/knowledge-center/white-papers/ https://www.tangoe.com/resources/blog/ First paper I’d like written could be based on https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/430572/Top_13-Ways_to_Switch_from_One_TEM_Vendor_to_Another.pdf


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Which of the 34 strengths from your Strengths Based Leadership text did you expect to find applied to you, prior to taking the assessment?

This is a personal reflection essay based on a strengthsFinder assessment. All the required information will be listed below:

Question: Which of the 34 strengths from your Strengths Based Leadership text did you expect to find applied to you, prior to taking the assessment? (you may choose any from the following link) http://www.strengthstest.com/strengths-finder-themes Describe each of your five top strengths and how you use each of your five strengths. *The top five for myself are relator, strategic, futuristic, restorative, and belief. Discuss the results you agree with, and those you do not. Explain why you are in agreement and in disagreement. * You will agree with the assessment results, writing about how relationships are important to you( relator) and how you always are thinking ahead( futuristic), etc.



discuss what my scores were and interpret and describe what they mean to my performance

. Specifically address the benefits and detriments of certain aspects of your personality as it relates to performance. What aspects came as a surprise to you? What aspects of your personality should you allow to shine more? Which ones would you like to suppress more in the light of performance? Address your findings as they apply to a personality theory. I took the NEO PI-R personality quiz. I had very high scores in the N, and C category. High scores in E, O and low scores in A. N6 was high with vulnerability. E2 (Gregoriousness) was high in numbers along with C4 and C6, (Achievement Striving) and (Deliberation).


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How does society’s views on gender influence individual identity? What are the psychological effects of this influence?

Write a research paper in which you analyze a theme or issue that occurs in at least one literary text we’ve read during this course. In doing so, you may explore numerous concepts or issues related to this theme. Use at least one of these pieces of literature as the text through which you investigate and discuss this theme/issue. You may choose to compare and/or contrast two works in regards to their treatment of the same or related themes. (Do not use more than 3 primary texts). Ultimately, your goal is to create a set of insights about this theme/issue. You are using the literary texts to help illustrate or build these insights. Therefore your analysis is not merely confined to a discussion of the literary text(s), but….

Wine Country Weddings is a newly constructed event venue specializing in weddings.

Here dreams will be transformed into a breathtaking reality, making every event an extraordinary experience. From exquisite weddings and private parties to festive year end functions. Wine Country Weddings is an exceptional setting for any type of event. Located in the Southern interior of British Columbia, Wine Country Weddings will be serving the Okanagan Valley residents and tourists, among others. The venue accommodates up to 300 guests and is combined with personalized wedding planning services, event management expertise, and exclusive affiliate service vendors who will help our clients manage all the details from decorating a luxury wedding reception hall to coordinating parties and conferences. An in-house team of wedding planners and skilled professionals are able to organize virtually any kind of event, adapting the venue to specific needs,….

From the DVD Throw Down Your Heart choose one of the musicians that Bela Fleck meets and write a two-page paper where you compare the cultural context

in which that musician creates music with the cultural context in which an American musician of your choice creates music. You should consider such factors as: the setting; who listens to the music; what activities the music is intended to accompany; how well known the musicians are; how gender, ethnicity, and social-economic status influences the music; how professionalized the music is; and how the musicians learned their craft. I chose: Gambia (musicians) -The Jatta Family (home country) -Jil Ekona Jatta- (home country) -Tony Jatta (home country)


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