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.Analyze how e-learning readiness has affected your success at Ashford University: potential barriers of e-learning readiness to implementing e-learning as a training method

In Chapter Five of the textbook, e-learning as a method of training is discussed. In Chapter Six, potential barriers of e-learning readiness to implementing e-learning as a training method are examined. In a two- to three- page paper (excluding the title and reference pages), examine e-learning and the barriers. Include the following in your paper: 1.Describe e-learning as a training method.

2.Describe the potential barriers of e-learning readiness.

3.Analyze how e-learning readiness has affected your success at Ashford University.

4.Explain what a trainer can do to prepare learners for e-learning.

Your paper must include in-text citations and references from at least two scholarly sources, excluding the textbook, and be formatted according to APA guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing.


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Intro Sociology Possible Short Writing Project 1 For effective learning, it is helpful to review course information throughout the semester

, not just before exams. This Short Writing Project helps you to do just that. For this assignment, you must choose different (sets of) concepts or points of information to connect to your own life in some way. You should give examples of the concept from your own life, or discuss something you have watched or read about that connects to the concept, for each.

(A “complete” response is at least 350 words in length, or about one page using 12-pt font and double-spacing for each.)

D or F work would be giving a complete and accurate response for fewer than three concepts/points of information. C work would be giving a complete and accurate response for exactly three concepts/points of information.

B work would be giving a complete….

How Does Duffy Vividly Portray the Experience of Growing up in ‘Before You Were Mine’ and ‘In Mrs Tilcher’s Class’?

Write how Carol Ann Duffy portrays Growing up in ‘Before you were mine’ and ‘Ms tilcher’s classwroom’ This is the essay question:  Comment on form and structure of poem and analyise quotes in depth. Comment and explain the tecniques she has used eg. similies, metaphors and the effect on the reader.


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How did the economic development/capitalist transformation of the Northwest differ from the economic development of other U.S. regions?

What drove the economic development of the Northwest? What social and environmental problems did economic development in the Northwest create? In your view, were these problems bound to emerge, regardless of how the Northwest’s economy developed? Or, were these problems uniquely tied to the pattern and process of the Northwest’s economic development? Make sure you justify your answer


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Review your reflective journal entries and select two examples of your own experiences to analyse for this TMA. Your essay should start by describing the experiences you have chosen, and the main psychological theories and concepts which help you to understand those experiences

There are two parts to this TMA. Please note that you must complete both Part 1 (essay question) and Part 2 (multimedia presentation). This TMA contributes 20% towards your overall continuous assessment score (OCAS). Part 1 carries 70% of the marks for the TMA and Part 2 carries 30% of the marks.


Part 1: Essay question

. You will then need to explain those theories and concepts, using your selected reflective journal experiences to illustrate your answer.

Word limit: 1500 words

Part 2: Multimedia presentation

Create a multimedia presentation to (1) illustrate an experience from your reflective journal and (2) analyse how the way you have illustrated the experience demonstrates its connection to the psychological theories and research covered in Block 3.

Word limit: 500 words


Case Study: Choosing a Municipal Personnel Director

Chapter 2, Public personnel management

Write a 1,100- to 1,400-word paper, address the questions at the end of the case study. Incorporate research from the textbooks and other sources. Form some conclusions on the current state of human capital management in the U.S.

Format your paper according to APA standards.


Public Personnel Management


1.1 Describe the personnel management activities in the public sector. 1.2 Describe the evolution of the public service systems. 1.3 Explain the challenges of managing the public workforce in the Twenty-first century.

Learning Activities


Week One Listen to Me First



Public Personnel Management, Ch. 1



Public Personnel Management, Ch. 2



Public Personnel Management, Ch. 3

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The New Public Personnel Administration, Ch. 2


Discuss the unique selling propositions or points of Arabic Perfume and develop a positioning strategy for Arabic Perfume in global fragrance market


What brand image can Arabic Perfume develop in the global fragrance market?


How did the international fragrance company (like Elizabeth Arden, Coty, Estee Lauder, Christian Dior, L’Oréal, or Revlon) attempts to position itself as “the world’s local fragrances”; that is, as a global fragrance company, but a company that also understands the local cultures and needs? What benefit do you think it draws from such a positioning?


Why would an international fragrance company choose the Middle East market?


Identify the growing market segments that fragrance industry tries to target? Support your answer.


Examine the role of marketing communication strategies in this case.

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Justify your selection, explaining why these tools are the most appropriate for your OIP. Include the following as appendices in your report as support for your decision

Preparation Take some time to review the kind of data needed for the following aspects of your OIP: Data needed to understand more fully the process you are aiming to improve. Data that you could collect in order to measure your OIP’s effectiveness. Instructions Write a report in which you do the following: Provide a brief overview of some of the possible tools, techniques, and resources for collecting real or anticipated data about the process you are aiming to improve in your OIP. Select the most appropriate tools for collecting the data you will need to measure your OIP’s effectiveness. Be sure to consider the kinds of data most suitable for the measurement strategy you identified in

Assessment 4. Justify your selection, explaining why these tools are the….

Please explain the distinction between DuBois’s concept of ‘double consciousness’ and his concept of ‘second sight’. Next, please critically discuss the role of these two concepts within Dubois’s discussion of the African American experience

The essay should defend a bold thesis and the thesis of your paper should be dedicated to addressing a specific problem and should not take the form of any kind of commentary or impressionistic declaration. Students can obtain information about writing a philosophical essay by consulting Douglas J. Soccio’s book, How to Get the Most Out of Philosophy. Here is the topic for the writing assignment: -Socrates states that the unexamined life is not worth living and he also claims that there is an intimate connection between the idea and philosophy. In light of Socrates’ position, please write a critical and analytical essay on the following topic. -Please explain the distinction between DuBois’s concept of ‘double consciousness’ and his concept of ‘second sight’. Next, please critically discuss the….

Transportation Congestion and Trans

Literature Review – This week you will expand your week 3 assignment by adding more sources and evaluation of each source to develop a literature review.

1.Collect, organize, analyze, and critique 15 + peer-reviewed research articles that are related to a topic area and problem statement.

2.Write an introduction to your topic and the overall problem you are addressing.

3.Write a literature review. 4.Conclude your literature review with a summary of the gaps in the Literature and how this aligns with your research area of interest.

Your writing should follow the standards established in the course and in-text and end-of-text references should follow APA style manual format.


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