Discuss the differences between probable cause and reasonable suspicion

This paper will be about two ideals.

1. . Discuss what each of these levels of evidence allows a police officer to do.

2. Discuss the 4th amendment. Discuss some instances where someone may not have the full protection of the 4th amendment. Do you think a 4th amendment is an appropriate tool in present day law enforcement, or do you think it is not powerful enough in today’s post 9/11 world? At the minimum, it must be 850 words.

3 CORRECTLY cited sources. This is a paper that must comply to being AT LEAST one single-spaced typewritten page, not including the heading or references

How do personality factors influence a person’s use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter?

a 4-5 page paper in which you write about 1 or 2 of the following topics:


a) Are certain personality traits linked to prosocial behaviors? Consider how traits such as kindness, generosity, and empathy might be linked to altruism and heroism.


b) Do people tend to marry individuals with similar personalities?


c) What impact does birth-order have on personality (Oldest/Middle/Youngest or First/Second/Third…)


d) Are people who participate in athletics more likely to have certain personality characteristics? Compare personality types of athletes versus non-athletes


e) Do people tend to choose pets based on their personality types? How do the personalities of dog owners compare to those of cat owners?


f)  Are people who use social media frequently more or less extraverted?



Mental Health Illness Amongst African American

Topic:  The 20 slide MAX Power Point Presentation should contain the following:

1) Introduction: An overview of the issue you selected, why you selected it and a summary of what you discovered in your research from the first paper.

2) Procedures. Explain how you went about selecting/identifying the person to have the conversation with and how, when and where did you conduct the conversation. Explain how you examined and analyzed the information you collected.

3) Findings. Present the main themes emerging from the conversation. Explain the importance of the selected issue [from an emic perspective] in the life of the group/community based on the interview with the “expert” informant.

4) Discussion. Connect and compare the findings from your conversation with the existing literature you summarized in your research….

Airport and Airspace Case Study-Referring to your carrier ( Southwest Airlines) selection’s airport hub(s)

, write a 4-6 page, APA formatted case study on airport capacity and congestion. Generally, a case study:

Identifies the problem that is being studied Identify airport demand as it relates to current capacity. Explores the problem, including cause and effect What is generating demand? What is the historical growth trend? What level of growth is the FAA predicting? Discusses possible solutions or resolutions planned/in place How will your airline’s airport hubs accommodate this predicted growth?


100% plagiarism free Chosen Airline should be Southwest Airlines General assignment sample is attached for an idea. Please use the drafts and figures. Need full written 5 pages Do not exceed 10 pages with title page and reference and picures.


As a Marketing manager, you are required to produce an International Marketing Plan for an organisation/brand entering a country

The plan must include a market audit and competitive analysis as well as a comprehensive marketing plan. The brand/organisation and the host market chosen must be the same as the ones you have chosen for your seminar. Module Learning Outcomes: 2 Analyse the influence of the international environment on international marketing strategies 3. Analyse the effect of internationalisation on the implementation of the marketing mix (Chosen organisation Sears) (Host Market Indonesia) 2500 words report + Appendices and there is a specific guideline The writer must follow for this specific project

Find an image in a news-source similar to National Geographic, Time Magazine, Huffington Post etc

. Ø Write a 50-word rationale of why you selected this image. Your reflection should cover the following questions:

• What is the current source (and or its original source, news agency) of the news-piece in which this image appears? • How did you find out about this source and what convinced you about its reliability and popularity? o Try to find out who the original photographer was.

• What kind of social problem, message, and/or event drew you to selecting this image Step 3: Reflexive Analysis Essay (25): Write an essay of *no more* than 6 typed, double-spaced pages, in Times New Roman 12 font) analyzing the image, addressing the following questions. You can either write an essay that answers all of the questions, or answer the….