Read David Rowe’s article ‘Sport and the Repudiation of the Global’, and draw on your understanding of globalisation to critically discuss whether or not you agree with his argument.

The question require a response of 600 words and, as always, recourse to academic literature. The question may stipulate the specific piece of literature to which you are to comment, or you may be required to source relevant literature yourself to form your response. You are welcome to write this response in the first person if you feel this to be an appropriate and effective means of addressing the task.




Please look at the example file that includes 10 examples of the task structure for a different topic.

Reasons Behind A Long Lasting Marriages

Step 2: Literature Search Once you select a topic or question, you will conduct a search and review the published scholarly literature for your selected topic. Your sources of information should mainly consist of peerreviewed journals articles. A peer-reviewed journal article is written by experts and reviewed by several other experts on the topic to ensure the article’s quality before being published. In other words, a peer-reviewed article is more likely to be scientifically valid and make reasonable conclusions when compared to something published in newspaper, magazine, or journal that is not peer-reviewed. In most cases, the expert reviewers do not even know who the author of the article is. This ensures that the article succeeds or fails on its….

diabetes ketoacidosis: To evaluate a patient from a pathophysiologic, environmental, and nursing perspective.

Clinical Paper Purpose:

1. …

2. To critically analyze the contributing factors of multiple disease processes for a patient.

3. To compose a professional nursing paper.


1. At the end of this directive is your patient’s case scenario, follow the template provided to present this patient’s past medical history and reason for hospitalization, complex needs etc. (see below)

Criteria: 1. No more than 7 to 9 pages (excluding Title, Abstract, and Reference pages).

2. Paper must be done according to APA format. No other format will be accepted.

3. At least five nursing references must be used for this paper.

4. References should be nursing journal articles less than five (5) years old, and One Textbook (ONLY) is allowed for one reference.

Clinical Paper Header(s) Template: Clinical….

The first stages of the research writing process involve topic selection, formulation of a research question, preliminary research, and the development of a working thesis statement

Now you will begin identifying and evaluating sources to determine how effectively they can support your argument. For this task, you will create an annotated bibliography by finding 10 sources for your research paper, listing the sources in APA format on a reference page, and providing an annotation for each source. The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to summarize sources, evaluate their credibility, and assess their relevance.


A. Compose an appropriate, arguable thesis statement that previews two to four main points.

B. Create an annotated bibliography of 10 credible sources that you plan to use in your research paper.

1. Provide a full, APA-formatted reference citation for each source.

2. Provide an annotation (suggested length of 150 words) for each source that includes the following:


This project was not given any specific prompt so it is up to the writer to deliver any type of essay. Character, thematic, analysis. etc… as long as the essay doesn’t summarize the book in any way.

The book is “The Little Friend” by Donna Tartt. I have not read the book at all and the essay is due in two days. A character essay on the main character (or whomever is important) is preferred, and there is no preferred paragraph amount. It needs to be in MLA format, and at least three pages long. Quotes are necessary for the body paragraphs to gain the most points possible. Quotes need to be cited with the page number as well. The writer is allowed to refer to events in the book, but any summary will result in docked points. I have access to the website for analysis of characters and summaries if the writer needs more info without having to read the whole book. Ill….

A paper that reflects a foundational understanding of adult learning theory, best practices in program planning, and the key elements of an effective program plan.

Analyze how adult education theories and principles can be applied to program planning. You are not expected to write about each of the planning steps listed below, only those steps that will be essential for your learning program. Add your own steps, as applicable. Explain what each step means to you and your institution, and describe how you will implement that aspect of your plan. If you are new to adult education or have never planned your own program, be creative and experiment with a topic you desire to share with other adults. Use your imagination, as you consider moving through these steps to plan a program for learners you would like to one day teach.

Typical project planning steps include:

• Note a need of constituents to….

you have been introduced to the key ethical considerations that must be taken into account when carrying out educational observations and research as set out in the British Educational Research Association guidelines

(BERA, 2011). Ethical practice is a way of thinking that influences planning, responses to participants and activities as they happen in real time and how activities are reported afterwards. In this section of the TMA, explain how you have taken into account these guidelines, specifically in relation to the following four areas: voluntary informed consent (paras 10–13) Children, Vulnerable Young People and Vulnerable Adults (paras 16-21) privacy (paras 25–8) Then write about one additional aspect of ethical practice that you have taken account of. This might be, for instance: behaving respectfully and sensitively, considering consequences and potential negative and positive benefits of activities, ensuring that activities are safe, adapting activities in response to participants or contexts, and writing carefully and sensitively on what took place. In your explanation….

Family Acceptance of Lgbt Community -What do others, like Max’s father Arnold and brother Isaac, say? Why? How is acceptance linked to privilege or oppression?

The purpose of this essay is to argue your interpretation, perspective, point of view, or slant on a particular topic. You must make a solid argument that contains several main ideas that support your purpose. It should lure people to your way of thinking or, at the very least, to make them aware of your views. You should not include summaries or personal experiences. Instead, you should show your own critical understanding of a specific topic and the sources you include to develop and support your argument. You should shape your subject matter in a sophisticated and persuasive way, and consider subject and point of view as readers and writers for a general audience. For instance, you might explore the theme of gender norms and family dynamics. You….